DIY Father’s Day Journal

Make dad a DIY Father’s Day Journal and write in it every year in leu of cards. He can look back and read it for years to come! 

DIY Father's Day Journal - document father's day each year with a journal!

I got this idea last year before I celebrated my first mother’s day. We normally always make each other cards, but let’s get real who saves the cards throughout the year? Not me. They stay on my entertainment center for about a month collecting dust and then bam! In the recycling bin they go. So we decided to start a yearly journal that the opposite parent would fill out for the respective holiday. Sadly, Jon forgot about this and never filled out mine last year nor this past mother’s days so he has 2 years to fill out. The object of theDIY father’s day journal is to write a message to dad. Document the day and write down what you did. Add a few photos and maybe even a hand print. Once Ryder get’s older the plan will be to let him write in the journal. I feel like this is the most ideal way to document and remember father’s day for the future, and a fun way to look back and reminisce on how little he was.


I picked up a journal at the store for $5. I wanted something bound and that would have enough pages to get us at least through the next 18 years. Of course if I need to make a “volume 2” I would be ok with that.

DIY Father's Day Journal Screenshot in Cricut Design Space


I created the text in Cricut Design Space using the Cricut Alphabet font. You can download my cut file HERE.DIY Father's Day Journal using the Cricut Explore

I used my Cricut Explore to cut out the word “dad” in vinyl. Set it to “vinyl” and let it do the work. Loving the new Brights Sampler Vinyl pack from Cricut. That’s where this blue came from.

DIY Father's Day Journal

Using my weeding tools I removed the negative vinyl.

DIY Father's Day Journal 2

I applied the vinyl transfer tape to the vinyl. Smoothing it out with the scraper.

DIY Father's Day Journal

Then place the transfer tape on the journal. Smooth it out again using the scraper.

DIY Father's Day Journal

Carefully remove the transfer tape from the journal.

DIY Father's Day Journal

Voila! Your DIY Father’s Day Journal is complete.

DIY Father's Day Journal 6

Now fill it up with photos from father’s day and write dad a sweet message that he will cherish for years to come!

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  1. This is a great idea Katie! I’m pinning.

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