DIY Halloween Window Clings

DIY Halloween Window Clings

Get ready for pure childhood fun excitement. I just introduced my curious toddler to the wonderful world of window clings. Oh boy, did I get an amazing 30 minutes of pure entertainment. Gave me enough time to do the dishes and start dinner. This was my first time cutting window clings on my Cricut and it was awesome (and so easy to do)! I cut these window clings in less than 10 minutes all while Ryder was happily playing in his playroom. We recently set up my make-shift office and put a baby gate on the door so I can work and still watch him in his play room. Our doors are parallel and it works out great (most days).


Cricut Halloween Window Cling Setting

First up select your images. Remember you’ll need all of your images to be the same color to cut on the same color of window cling. I chose to only cut out black and orange for these Halloween window clings. 

DIY Halloween Window Clings

Make sure your machine is on the “custom” setting. And make sure to load the color-side up of the window cling. If you place the colored side on the sticky portion of the mat it will ruin the window cling. Just FYI… speaking from experience!

Cricut Halloween Window Cling

The Cricut Explore is so smart that it will automatically recognize that you chose the “custom” button and then you have to scroll through the millions of options. Once you’ve selected it press cut.

DIY Halloween Window Clings

Then remove the negative parts of the window cling from the mat.

DIY Halloween Window Clings 2

Repeat with other colors until you have as many window clings as your heart desires!DIY Halloween Window Clings 4

I removed the negatives and were left with cute pumpkin faces. I only choose to keep the largest pumpkin face since I had a feeling the rest would be destroyed–heck it all was about to be destroyed.

DIY Halloween Window Clings 6

Then once everything was cut I placed the Halloween window clings on the window. DIY Halloween Window Clings 7

And my curious toddler began picking and pulling them apart. DIY Halloween Window Clings 8

He was mesmerized by the window clings.

DIY Halloween Window Clings

It gave him a good half hour of entertainment. DIY Halloween Window Clings 9

I plan to make more window clings for the other holidays coming up! I will also give you a little advice now, if you have a toddler like me (1.5 years old) don’t go with intricate cuts. Keep it simple. I’m already brainstorming fun activities for year round window clings.

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