DIY Will Trade Sibling for Candy T-Shirt

DIY Will Trade Sibling for Candy T-Shirt

Get ready for the sweetest sibling shirts around. I made these for Halloween; however, any candy related holiday will work (Easter or Valentine’s Day). You can change up the middle color and add additional embelishments like hearts for Valentine’s Day or a bunny for Easter! I kept the design pretty simple and I’m in love, and best of all the kids have received so many compliments on their shirts. I originally had the idea to make this shirt for my candy obsessed toddler, and then I decided well what the heck let’s make one for the baby too. And in hindsight I should have made myself a shirt too. So I’ll save that for next year when I whip up a new batch for the kids and then a shirt or two for my husband and I! I made these shirts in 15 minutes (once I had the design set). But the good thing is–if you own a Cricut you can grab my design HERE. I’ve done all the leg work for you. Sorry guys–no SVG file for this one.


DIY Will Trade Sibling for Candy T-Shirt - Cricut Maker

Once you’ve opened Cricut Design Space™ and grabbed my free design it’s time to cut. Make sure you select “mirror” while in Design Space since your using Iron-On Vinyl. Depending on what kind of Iron-On Vinyl you use will depend on what setting you select before cutting. I also selected the “faster” mode since let’s face it I have two little ones and no time to wait.

You’ll notice I placed both colors on my mat and just flipped the mat when it was time to cut the orange side.

Will Trade Sibling for Candy - Cricut BrightPad

Next up, it’s time to weed. Before you start to weed preheat your Cricut EasyPress. You will want it preheated to 305.

Pro Tip: Bookmark this EasyPress Recommended Settings for all your temp and material settings. I’ve found this to be a lifesaver.


Okay, back to weeding. I grabbed my Cricut Tools and my Cricut BrightPad and weeded this gem in record time. Seriously, if your like me and not a fan of weeding–you need a BrightPad in your life. It’s been a game changer and I won’t weed unless I have it next to me.

DIY Will Trade Sibling for Candy T-Shirt - Cricut EasyPress

I placed the black “Will Trade For Candy” on the shirt, then applied my Cricut EasyPress to the shirt.

DIY Will Trade Sibling for Candy T-Shirt first layer

Once the time was up I carefully removed the plastic from the shirt.

DIY Will Trade Sibling for Candy T-Shirt - Sister Layer

Next, I added the orange “sister” and pressed again. I always use a light cloth under the Cricut EasyPress or any heating device to protect it from any possible damage.

DIY Will Trade Sister for Candy T-Shirt

I pulled the plastic off and for good measure I always place the light cloth back on top and press for a few more seconds just to ensure it’s nice and permanent on the shirt.

DIY Will Trade Sibling for Candy T-Shirt Project

And just like that you have an adorable set of shirts for the sweetest kiddos in your life!
DIY Will Trade Sibling for Candy T-Shirt - using the Cricut

In typical toddler fashion, my son tried to sneak a lollipop.

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