About Us

Katie & Jon Jasiewicz are the authors of SewWoodsy.com: a husband and wife DIY team who documents their journey of homeownership one tutorial at a time. Sew Woodsy is a place where they share their love for renovating and decorating on a budget. Each blog post includes detailed tutorials and photographs to help the average person become a DIY expert.

How our blog started: After quite a bit of badgering from our family and friends we took the plunge and decided to start a part-time craft/home renovation blog in the summer of 2010! One of the expectations we had going into this blog was that it would not follow the same format as Katie’s Cucina (at the time daily blog post). We wanted to provide a few projects each month loaded with tutorials and creative ideas on ways to spruce up our home, save money, and create together. Sew Woodsy has been up for over a year now and we are posting on average five days a week. We are so grateful for all of our fans and followers. 

Katie aka Mrs. Woodsy: I love to cook, but when I’m not cooking you’ll find me crafting! I’ve always had a love for crafts and in most recent years has had more time on my hands to free my creativity. While wedding planning in 2007/2008 my crafty side was fully unleashed. After designing invitations, center pieces, memory candles, and more I knew after wedding planning was done I would still want to work on craft projects. After buying a home in 2009 I started focusing more of my energy to home decor projects, and way’s to inexpensively decorate our home. Many people have heard me say “I’ve got West Elm taste on a Walmart budget”, and I try to stay true to that motto; constantly searching high and low to find the best deals and ways to make decorating not only inexpensive but better! I am the author and voice behind Sew Woodsy and Katie’s Cucina.

Jon aka Mr. Woodsy: Let’s face it–I like to fix stuff. If it’s broken you better bet I’ll fix it myself before ever calling someone else to fix it for me. Even if I have no clue how to use it–I’ll attempt to work my magic! From generator motors to wooden benches I’ve fixed it all. Since buying our home in 2009 I’ve really become self absorbed in home renovation projects, and shortly after picked up yet another hobby… woodworking. I borrowed a co-workers lathe and started turning wood. I then graduated from wood to acrylic. I’ve only turned pens and wine stoppers, but I aspire to turn so much more (whenever I actually have the time and Katie stops adding to my “honey-due” list). I’m not one to write, so I leave that up to Katie and when she asks me to write a post (from time-to-time) I grumble and painfully get through it. At the end of the day I’m always looking for ways to improve our home. 

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If you have any questions or simply would like to be featured please feel free to send us an email at SewWoodsy@gmail.com