Decorate with Creepy Cloth

 Creepy Cloth can be found at your local dollar store for $1 per sheet. The sheet is roughly 30 x 72. Due to the size of my window I only needed 2 sheets of creepy cloth. I cut one sheet in half to use for both window panels and the other sheet to hang over the curtain rod.

I really like this layered look the best.

My current kitchen curtains that I made have clips that hold the fabric. This is the most ideal way to easily change out your curtains. Simply clip the creepy cloth on to your rod!

I’m not as much a fan of the “swoop”, but this is an option when decorating with creepy cloth!

I love this look better!

 You can also sew a few peices of creepy cloth together to make a covering for long drapes.

I used black thread and sewed a zig zag stitch across two pieces of creepy cloth. I repeated the same step on a third piece. Carefully drape it over your curtains, and voila! You’ve created additional depth to the mood.

Another way you can decorate is using the creepy cloth as table covers.

 I cut one piece of creepy cloth in half and used it on both of my end tables in my living room.

It adds additional detail that helps set the scene. I use creepy cloth to cover my end tables and coffee table each year.

Do you use creepy cloth to decorate with? If so, where?


  1. Such a simple and impact-ful idea. Thanks for sharing your fab idea. I just might have to steal this one for my Halloween party!

  2. I have hundreds of creepy cloths scattered about my house and yard haunt. Can’t have Halloween without it.

  3. loved the idea!! thanks for sharing!!

  4. The above the sink area and surround area in the kitchen is definitely creepy!!! The mice near the sink! :O)

  5. Saw this at Mad in Crafts Linky party…it is actually scary-ish! You went all out and it looks great!

  6. So cool!! I have this cloth on my Halloween mantel. I love the over the curtain idea. Have a great day!

  7. A great idea…I didn’t know this was at the dollar store…I just paid $2.50 a yard at Jo-Ann’s! Argh! Off to the dollar store, I go!

    • jamie–you might not find it at the Dollar Store any more since they are starting to reduce the Halloween decorations to bring in room for Christmas. Fingers crossed you can find some! 🙂 On a side note, I had no idea you could buy it by the yard at JoAnn’s!

  8. Creepy. Hence the name. Ha! Great idea!

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