To Tuft or Not To Tuft… that is the question!

Mr. Woodsy and I started our first project for our Master Bedroom Revamp Project yesterday. My Great Aunt Millie (who is 89 years young) gave us a beautiful bench before moving into an assisted living home. We had been looking for a bench for the foot of our bed for a while and had loved the shape of the bench and the character of the legs, but what we did not love was the choice of fabric. We new the fabric could be changed. Fast forward one year later and we are just now working on recovering this bench. This bench has sat at the foot of our bed for a year now with a towel draped over it!

We originally thought we would just recover the bench with new fabric.

That was until we took the bottom liner off the bench and discovered that this bench had one time been tufted… tufted times 28!

Mr. Woodsy and I began removing the first layer of fabric off the bench. *Yes, I actually helped and have photos to prove it for the next post about the bench!

After removing half the fabric off the bench we discovered a gorgeous tufted bench. Our initial idea was to just recover the bench and call it a day. Of course, our projects are never that easy– we had to make this project much more complicated.

I loved everything about the tufted bench, but the fabric is very old and the color doesn’t exactly go with our color scheme. That’s when we decided (although much more work) we would tuft the bench ourselves with the new fabric of choice. However,  we didn’t think that we wanted to tackle 28 tufted buttons.

That’s when we abandoned our project and went to JoAnn Fabric. In search for fabric button covers, batting, and new interfacing to revamp our bench.

$40+ later in half ball cover buttons, batting, interfacing, and upholstery needles we are half way closer to completing our reupholstered bench!

So, would you have done what we did and made the project much more complicated by tufting the bench? Or would you have just recovered the bench and called it a day!


  1. I would absolutely tuft the bench! Can’t wait to see the finished project. You guys rock!

  2. I think you made the right decision to tuft! It is going to look awesome when you are done…it just know it!

  3. Can’t wait to see the reveal! Sadly, I have to admit that I would have not gone to the work of the tufting. Guess I am a lazy lady! But I am so glad you are tackling this, so I can see how you pulled it off!

  4. BettyJean@ ShabbyTeaParty says:

    I vote for tufting especially with a bench of that length, the added dimension will make it so much more interesting although 28 may be a little excessive unless you’re going for a really victorian or rich plush luxuious hollywood glam look. Can’t wait for the reveal. Warm Hugs

  5. I love the look of a tufted bench, although once I started tallying up the cost of supplies, I might have reconsidered depending on how big of a bite of my wallet it would have taken. Can’t wait to see the finished bench.

  6. Oh TUFTING for sure… 🙂 But that’s EASY for me to say… I don’t have to do the work.. LOL!!!

  7. I say tuft it! You will be so much more happy with the project when it is all said and done! Can’t wait to see it.

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