How To Remove Baseboards

How To Remove Baseboards

Have you ever wondered how to remove the baseboards from your walls without damaging the physical wall itself? While I was away from our home a few months ago, Mr. Woodsy decided he wanted to change out our baseboards in our Master Bedroom. He has became a pro at removing baseboards from the wall without any damage. The baseboard pictured above is the original baseboard from our home. When we first moved into our home Mr. Woodsy carefully removed the baseboards so he could install the bamboo floors down in each room. Then after numbering each baseboard and wall, and sanding, removing caulking, and painting, he put them back up in the room. He had contemplated about creating faux large baseboards; however, he did not want to have to piece the baseboards back together for a 3rd and 4th time so he decided to go out and buy the real thing. Although prior to buying the large baseboards he was a gem and took a few pictures so we could share with our readers how to remove baseboards without beating up the wall its attached too!


Razor Blade / Moulding Bar / Flexible Trim Tool

How To Remove Baseboards

1. Using a razor blade run it across the sealed caulking between the wall and the baseboard.

2. Using a moulding bar; carefully begin to pry the moulding away from the wall.

3. Once you’ve separated the top portion of the moulding from the wall–slide the flexible trim tool behind the moulding and as far down as possible to brace the wall. Then, carefully use the moulding bar to remove the remainder of the baseboard.

How to Remove Baseboards

Here is what the wall & baseboard looked like once it was removed. No holes in the wall and the baseboard was still intact in one piece, which means if you wanted too it would be completely salvageable to reuse again! Just remember if you are going to reuse the baseboards make sure you number the baseboards and the walls so that you know which piece goes where.

How to Remove Baseboards

Here is what our room looked like minus the baseboards. *Note, Mr. Woodsy did not sand down and remove the caulking on the wall because he was going to install larger baseboards and the caulking would be covered.

How to Remove Baseboards

Now that the baseboards were removed–our master bedroom was ready to be painted!


  1. Great tutorial. What a great hubs to remember to take pictures.


    • Thanks! I know–I think I’ve got him trained now to know that if he is going to work on something he better take pictures. Although they are not of the best quality since they were taken on our point and shoot camera (I had the DSLR that day) they are pictures nonetheless!

  2. I thank you so much for sharing this at Handmade Tuesdays. What a great idea!

  3. Dori P says:

    very easy to understand. I am a DIY novice. I want to replace my baseboards in a huge way. is there a certain grade of wood one should use for a baseboard? For example, I would like to buy lumbar at a lumbar store, cut the wood down to size, and glue. does that seem reasonable? Any tips?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Dori, it won’t have any coping or design if you go that route. We suggest you find a whole sale supplier near you verse the big box stores. If you can’t find one then you can always buy the decorative baseboards at the big box stores. They have a wide variety of styles! Good luck!


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