{Travel} Nice, France

Nice, France

During our day in Monaco, we took a private tour with 6 other fellow cruisers around the French Riveria. After enjoying an hour in Eze, France we drove about 30 minutes further to get to Nice. But before getting to Nice our amazing tour guide stopped at a look out point that overlooked Nice.

Nice, France

These pictures don’t even do Nice justice for how gorgeous it was there. The sun had finally broken out of the clouds and was shining down on the tanzanite blue Mediterranean waters.

Nice, France

Thankfully, we had cruisers with us that knew how to use a DSLR and took some awesome photos of us!

Nice, France

The first place we stopped in Nice was an open air market where you could buy fresh flowers (pictured above) as well as produce, fish, souvenirs, croissants, etc… It felt like every other tent at the farmers market had fresh flowers! This is a nice luxury since we don’t have flower markets on every street corner here in Florida.

Nice France

After we spent time and money at the market we ventured across the street to check out the beach.

nice france

Well, one can only imagine why Mr. Woodsy had a grin on his face. Think about it, people. We are in Europe… on a beach. People have no shame and let it all hang out if you know what I mean.

Nice, France

I’d like to end our time at Nice with one of my favorite photos. Pebbles on the beach. They were every where! They actually truck the pebbles in from a nearby pond. They are extremely difficult to walk on; however, surprisingly comfortable to lay on! Just think–it’s like getting a hot stone massage. For free!

Join us next week when we share our last stop in France: Saint Paul de Vence!



  1. Love the pictures! Years ago my husband was stationed in Northern Italy and we made a roadtrip to Nice and Monaco one weekend. We stayed just west of Monaco in a little town called Bealieu sur Mer…it was amazing. The beaches with the pebbles and cliffs were so cool, but I definitely didn’t participate in “letting it all hang out” like the locals!

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