How to Add Additional Cabinet Space to Your Kitchen

How to Add Additional Cabinet Space to Your Kitchen

Today, I’m back to share another kitchen revamp update post. When we were planning our kitchen project, I had mentioned to Jon that I really wanted him to cut out the two sides that backed up to the corner and extend out our cabinet. I knew that our builder did not utilize the space properly (remember, we bought a foreclosure, so this was way out of our control). I knew that I had almost a whole other cabinets worth of room that had been blocked. So as soon as Jon removed the formica countertops he saw exactly what I suspected.

How to Add Additional Cabinet Space to Your KitchenJon, being the most amazing husband ever, took time out, to remove the two walls to the cabinets backing up to the dead space. First, we removed EVERYTHING from the cabinets. Talk about even more mass pandaemonium, and at the same time I had no idea I was storing so much kitchen stuff in just 2 cabinets! We had to move everything to our front room, pot and pans stacked on our coffee table, all the baking sheets on the pool table. It was like our kitchen had instantly thrown up in our home.

Jon removed the cabinet doors using his RIDGID Drill and then for some reason decided it was needed to start cleaning up all the mess/dust from removing the formica countertops. He is a neat freak and cannot work in a dirty environment. He is definitely a clean as you go type of person.

How to Add Additional Cabinet Space to Your KitchenHe took a level and marked out where he was going to cut. Then using a multi-tool began cutting. Let me tell you now. If you don’t have a heavy duty multi-tool–do not attempt this project. I think it took four times as long because Jon was using a cheap $20 version. Right after that we got the RYOBI multi-tool that cuts in a breeze!

How to Add Additional Cabinet Space to Your KitchenNext up, once the two sides were removed Jon made kick-plates for the dead-space corner. Then he cut out a piece of scrap Purebond Hardwood Plywood and made it flush with the other two cabinets. Next up, using his RYOBI AirStrike Brad Nail Gun he secured the wood in place.

How to Add Additional Cabinet Space to Your Kitchen

He waited a week until he had the countertops on before he installed the shelving. He used the old sides of the cabinets and secured them to the wall. No need to get rid of them since they were still in decent shape. He bought one large piece of laminate shelving and cut and joined it to size, so that the ends met one another.

How to Add Additional Cabinet Space to Your Kitchen

I will be the first to say, it does not look super pretty under their, but I could care less what it looks like. I’ve gained an entire cabinet. Yes, could we have repainted and made this look pretty, yes. Did we? No. I wanted my kitchen back  up and running ASAP. Maybe one day we will then again no one goes into the cabinet to stare and admire it–they go in to grab kitchen goods stored.

I also want to make note that I thought this was a brilliant idea when I was only 10/12 weeks pregnant and had no belly. It is almost impossible for me to get anything from that back corner now. I’m always calling on Jon. The good thing is that I try to only store the stuff I don’t use that often.

How to Add Additional Cabinet Space to Your Kitchen

In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing an organization post, because having all that space can get messy, quick. What do you think? Have you ever repurposed lost space to gain more?


  1. I’m always fond of the lazy susan-style organizers for those corner cabinets and I’ve seen some that, rather than just spin, do more of a fold-out deal to give you maximum space usage with minimal crawling around to get to that back corner.

    • Jenn–we’ve talked about with kitchen revamp 2.0 adding in some sort of drawer so that the items in the back are much easier to get too. Maybe this year we can tackle that! 😉

  2. That is crazy that the space was not utilized! I’ve never seen anything like that. Ideally, it’s not the best storage solution, because it is difficult to get to, but I have seldom used stuff in that dark hole. lol

    glad you got some extra space!

    jon is the best, isn’t he? 🙂


    • Ha ha I know isn’t it crazy Gail?!? It’s perfect for the kitchen items that I use maybe once a month that still need to be stored. Although being 9 months pregnant and having to dig something out is not enjoyable! lol. I’m so glad he was able to come up with a solution and give me an entire cabinet-more worth of space!

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