20 Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Looking to make a DIY pregnancy costume? Check out my list of 20 Pregnant Halloween Costumes that are easy to make in just minutes!

20 Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Last year, while I was 4 months pregnant I scoured the internet for halloween costume ideas while being pregnant. I never got around to sharing this round-up and I wanted to share it this year. Pregnant women have the right to dress up for Halloween too, and what better time to dress up then when you have a cute bump to sport! Here is a list of 20 of the very best pregnant halloween costumes I found around the web.

  1. DIY Pregnant Scrabble Costume
  2. Road Sign Halloween Costume
  3. I Created a Watermelon Costume
  4. Homemade Castaway Pregnancy Costume
  5. Sunny-side Up Egg
  6. Monsters Inc. Mike’s Bulging Eyeball Pregnant Belly
  7. Cat Eats Fishy
  8. German Kirtle Renaissance Style Medieval Dress Costume
  9. Juno Costume
  10. Pin Cushion
  11. Humpty Dumpty
  12. Mother of Pearl
  13. Headless Horseman
  14. Hello World
  15. Caution Speed Bump
  16. Hawaiian Holiday
  17. Something’s Brewing
  18. Happy Little Tree & Squirrel
  19. Multi-Arm Octopus Belly Mama
  20. Gum Ball Machine

So if your pregnant what are you going to be for Halloween?

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