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I love my Freedom. I love my America Free Printable! Download it now!

I’m so excited to share this gorgeous patriotic printable today! My dad served in the United States Navy for 20 years. He sacrificed so much of his life to our country. He served during the Gulf War. He missed precious time with our family. Was deployed to sea just 2 days after my brother was born. He missed countless holidays, birthdays and “first” events for my brother and I. He was and always has been so incredibly proud of not only his service but of his country. The freedom we have. He traveled the world and got to see first hand how so many other people in other countries had no freedom.

I love My Freedom I love my America Free Downloadable PrintableWith Independence day NEXT week I decided to create a few fun printable that everyone can display proudly in their home.  You can download the printable here. I printed it out on my inkjet printer in my home. Or you can get really fancy and send it to a printshop for a print.

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