Reagan’s Newborn Photography Session

Newborn Girl Photography

I told you I was going to make an effort to share regularly on the blog! Are you proud of me? Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite photos from Reagan’s newborn photography shoot. Our friend Christy, from Christy Buonomo Photography, came to our house a week and a half after Reagan was born to photograph our little princess. Unlike Ryder’s newborn photo shoot we knew hers was not going to be as long and as detailed. I had a few must haves and other than that I was good!
Newborn Girl Photography

This is the photo we used for Reagan’s birth announcement except we opted for the color version. I love the simplicity and how elegant she looks in this photo.

Newborn Sibling Photography

You would never know the tantrum we had to get this angelic photo of the two of them! This was the one photo I HAD TO HAVE! I’m in love with it and still at this photo daily. I printed a huge 16×20 version and hung in our hallway already. It’s also the background screen on my iWatch! Newborn Sibling Photography

And these kissie lips. The best is that 5.5 months in and he is still giving her lots and lots of kisses and she gives him big wet open mouthed kisses.

Newborn Family Photo

This family photo is the best and you would also never know the meltdown my toddler was having. Christy seriously works her magic!

Newborn Photography with Parents

We did the same poses with Ryder and we knew we wanted to do the same ones with Reagan. I love how she gave us little smirks during both. Shortly after those cute smirks we got peed on. Me–very much peed on like EVERYWHERE and in my hair. Eeek! What we do to have cute pictures.

Mermaid Newborn Photography

Of course, we had to do a few fun ones. We didn’t do as many as we did with Ryder, but we still did a few that I knew I had to have! Since we are in Florida and well mermaid’s are all the rage I knew I wanted a mermaid shot. I told her a few month’s prior and her her mom actually knitted the mermaid tail!

Newborn Sunbathing Photo

Since we did a water style newborn photo during Ryder’s shoot I figured it was only fitting to do the same for her. My mom saved my first bathing suit and that’s what she is wearing during this shoot! It’s very 80’s but very special!
Valentine's Day Inspired Newborn Photography

Since Reagan was born in the month of February I wanted to do a Valentine’s Day baby cupid photo. It was actually the first prop style photo I had thought about after knowing she would be born in February! Who doesn’t love a baby cupid? If you remember, I also did baby cupid photo’s with Ryder when he was about 10 month’s old. I also plan to do baby cupid photo’s of Reagan next year as well!

Newborn Photo Black and White Details

Love all the detailed shots that were captured.

Newborn Photography in Nursery

And for the curious minds… here is a glimpse at the nursery! I’ll be posting about the nursery next month! I promise! I can’t wait to show you the end result!

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