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How To Upload an Image in Cricut Design Space

How To Upload an Image in Cricut Design Space from

Back in January I shared Everything You Need to Know About the New Cricut Explore™. One of the really cool features about the new Cricut Explore is that it comes with Cricut Design Space for free. And an even cooler feature is that you can now upload your own images! Today, I’m going to walk you through a very basic tutorial on how to upload your own images in Cricut Design Space. It is super easy and in less than a minute you’ll have an image uploaded, stored in your library, and ready to cut!
How To Upload an Image in Cricut Design Space

Once your logged into Cricut Design Space, select “start a new project”. Then on the left hand side bar select “Insert Image”. This is the screen you will get when you select that option.
How To Upload an Image in Cricut Design Space

Next, select “browse” and choose the image you want to import into Cricut Design Space. I got this image from USF.Edu I have an upcoming project that involves a lot of these beauties! 
How To Upload an Image in Cricut Design SpaceThen, select what type of image quality best matches the image you just uploaded. In my case, my image is VERY simple, so I selected “Simple Image”.

How To Upload an Image in Cricut Design SpaceOnce you click on “continue to step 2″ this screen will appear. This is where you will remove all the white space that you do not want cut. Right now, if I was to leave it as is it would cut a big rectangle. Click on the little magic wand highlighted in green on the left hand side and begin removing the white space that you do not want cut.

How To Upload an Image in Cricut Design Space

You’ll notice, all of the white space is gone. Now click on “continue to step 3″.

How To Upload an Image in Cricut Design Space

Next up, name your file. This will help you find your file later on down the road. Also, make sure you tag your image. I chose 3 simple tags, but you can do as many tags as you want. Once your done, click “save image”.

How To Upload an Image in Cricut Design SpaceOnce you’ve uploaded your image you can do one of two things. You can upload another image into the library or you can “insert images”. I just wanted to upload one new image so I chose the “upload images” option. You’ll notice that there is a green check mark on my image. This just means that this one image will be uploaded onto my mat in Cricut Design Space.

How To Upload an Image in Cricut Design SpaceThere you have it. Easy as that, I’ve uploaded my OWN image into Cricut Design Space. It’s a super simple and easy process. I do want to let you know if your image has multiple colors you will need to upload EACH color separately. In my case, I’ve uploaded a silhouette for a fish and I know that I only need it one color.

Hope this helps out everyone who is new to Cricut Design Space! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll try to answer to the best of my knowledge!

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. If you purchase from the link we will make a percentage of the sale.

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  1. Great tutorial! Maybe you could write a guest post for my blog! Thanks!

  2. Just spoke with Cricut support. The upload feature is not working for Macs using Safari. They suggested using Firefox or Google Chrome until it is fixed in Safari.

  3. Kiersten says:

    Hi Katie! I’ve been playing with adding my own images and have a question…Do you know how to DELETE an image you’ve uploaded? Not from your “mat”, but from your actual image file. I cannot for the life of me figure it out :)
    Thanks for any help you can provide!

    • Hi Kiersten, I do not know how to delete an image after you’ve downloaded it. I have reached out to my Cricut concierge host in hopes she can help field the question (for both of us)! Stay tuned…

      • You can delete your images by clicking “Upload Image” on the left. A window will appear with your uploaded images at the bottom. When you hover your mouse over an image another smaller widow will appear with a “Delete” button.

        Hope this helps

  4. Hi Katie,

    I’ve never had a Cricut before but I’ve just got an Explore and I can’t get it to upload my images, the uploader just sits there not doing anything. I’ve tried lots of different files and none of them upload, do you know if anyone else has had this problem and if so, how did they fix it? It was one of the main reason why I bought the machine and I’m really disappointed that this doesn’t seem to be working.

    I also bought it because it apparently cuts fabric which it also doesn’t seem to do without tearing and bunching, would this be because the dial is for pressure rather than specifically for ‘material’ (if you see what I mean?!) and it would depend on the thickness of the actual material being used?

    Sorry for all the questions!

    Thanks =)


    • I’ve found that it doesn’t seem to upload in the Safari browser but it does work in Firefox so the uploader works now, but not working on Safari is a bit annoying! I’m still working on the fabric problem so I’ll let you know!



  5. Shannon says:

    Hi there! Just stumbled upon your site and I love it! My husband bought me the cricut explore and I have been addicted to vinyl ever since. lol…I’ve never had a cricut before this one. I have learned how to upload my own images but how do we get it to recognize the different colors in the uploaded image. For example, I’m doing a business logo with red and black and when I insert it into the design space its all black. I do appreciate any insight and I will be back to check out the rest of your site!

    • Hi Shannon, Great question! I’ll have to do a blog post on this, but until then I’ll tell you the secret. You have to upload the file multiple times cropping and erasing out the parts that are not the color you are looking for. Does this make sense? So if you have a red circle and black writing. You need to upload the image twice. The first time erase out the writing and save as “red circle logo” and then the second time upload the same flat image and erase out the circle keeping the black font and save as “black font logo” (or whatever name you want to save it as). THEN bring both images into Design Space and set them how you want them. Then when it’s time to cut you will see two mat colors one red and one black. You will have to piece them together to make it work after you’ve cut them out. Hope that helps and makes sense. I’ll try to get a post up about that feature soon.

      • Shannon says:

        It does make sense. Thank you! My children have one day left of school and then maybe I can attempt this. lol :) I was going to print it twice but I’d be wasting vinyl. Your way I won’t be. Thank you! Its new to me. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing, but I’m loving it. I have no cartridges at this time and I also upload my own fonts. Congrats on your baby! Adorable! I’ll be back! :)

  6. Hi there! Love your tips and suggestions. I really appreciate not having to learn EVERYTHING the hard way! I was wondering if you have dealt with more complex black and white uploaded images? I have a logo that is all black and white but it has different fonts, designs and details. After I make all my changes and block out things like the center of the P or A, the image comes back with it all blacked out. Is this normal and will still cut correctly? I am afraid to waste material and was hoping you might have some insight before I just try it…

    Thank you again for your great info!

    • Hi Amanda–I’m glad I could help. I’m not sure though if I can help with your question. I’m thinking try on some scrap paper. I’m afraid this one might have to be a little trial and error. :-/ sorry!

  7. I am on the Cricut design space and the entire canvas is black. I have tried to change to canvas type and nothing has worked. Do you have any ideas for me?

    • Hi Holly–sorry I’m getting to this so late. I hope you called the support line for answers. If not, when I run into a snag I always shut down Design Space and my computer and restart everything. That seems to help at times if their is a glitch.

  8. I just got my first “Explore” two days ago. I am interested in being able to load up my images. One issue I have is the screen visibility is difficult, esp when you have tiny areas of white to delete. I have found just when I “thought” I had erased them all, I had a few more bits that needed removal. Spent a lot of time doing the first round, then uploaded it only to find I had missed some. Is there any way to go back and clean up/edit an uploaded image without having to start all over again?

    • Hi Pauline, first off congratulations on getting the new Cricut Explore. It’s an amazing machine. Unfortunately, I don’t believe you can go back and edit once you’ve uploaded. I too have ran into the same problem. Just trying using the zoom tool as much as possible to try and get all the little pieces and parts. Also, I believe you can look at it in the preview mode and then go back and edit more before saving the final image.

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