Valentine’s Day 2015

baby cupid photo

Last week, just a few days before Valentine’s Day I decided to take Ryder to go get Valentine’s Day pictures. I really really wanted a baby cupid photo of him. Jon thought I was crazy, but it’s what I wanted. Ryder will only be little like this once in his life and I was not going to miss out on the opportunity to get the photo I wanted. So I took him over to Picture People at our local mall, after our Circle Time Valentine’s Day party. I only had one photo in mind and I was set that I was only going to use my $18 coupon. Of course they took so many great photos that I ended up buying a full package. Damn them. But at the end of the day he will only be this little once and I’m a sucker for photos. Plus, I figured I could make this part of Jon’s Valentine’s Day gift. You like how I weaved it all together and myself feel less guilty about spending more money than planned?

baby love photo

Since I haven’t shared photos of Ryder in quite some time I figured this would be the best time to share a few from our photo session. The best part is that he had a few stains on his shirt from his Valentine’s Day party. I had never intended on buying any of the photos. I figure it adds character to the photos and reminds me of the stage in life we experienced!
baby kissing booth

I know I’m biased, but who wouldn’t want kisses from this cute baby?

baby squishy face

I’m glad I got a few non-Valentine’s Day photos. I love this photo–it’s Ryder’s personality to a tee!

heart throb baby photo

And yes, he is totally a heart throb.

baby with teddy bear

Every time I see this photo I sing “me and my teddy, getting all ready, getting all ready for bed”… anyone else know that song?

10 month old baby boy

And one more squishy face with a stained shirt.

I hope he doesn’t hate me when he’s older for some of these photos. Either way I’m happy I got the photos taken! I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. We spent our day at a local farmer’s market, had lunch at a local Italian restaurant (thank god we were sat in a corner booth because Ryder decided half way into our meal he had no desire to sit in his highchair so he crawled around the corner of the booth), and then for dinner we made steaks and lobster at home. It was a perfect day (oh and Jon let me catch up on a little sleep on Sunday–pure bliss) and I’m so glad I got to spend it the way we did!


  1. What a little cutie, you will treasure the photos always.

    • Thanks Julie! I know after I saw ALL the cute photos I couldn’t resist to buy them all. He will only be this small once in his life. I couldn’t resist!

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