12 Months of Ryder

12 months of ryder

Ryder turned one almost 1 month ago and I’ve yet to share my coveted month-to-month photos. I opted to not do the paper stickers on a onesie and just edited the photo and placed text on the photo using the Rhonna Designs app on my phone. This made taking a photo each month a whole lot easier. I also didn’t really stick with the same background each time. I wanted his photos to represent his personality and what he was starting to do. So here we are in all his glory… my little itty bitty baby is no longer a baby and is a full fledge toddler! I will preface that all of these photos were taken on my iPhone and all printed out relatively clear!

1 month old

One month old and suffering from a bad case of cradle cap and baby acne!

2 months old

My little bald baby!

3 months old

First trip to the beach!

4 months old

My favorite photo from the 12 months!

5 months old

6 months old

His first cruise!

7 months old

First Halloween!

8 months old

Really starting to look like a toddler!

9 months old

Officially on the move!

10 months old

Standing like a big boy!11 months old

His first trip to the Magic Kingdom!12 months old

Sporting the DIY First Birthday Onesie I made him!

I’m so glad I took the time each month to snap a photo that represented the stage or event that month. Everyone always told me that time would fly by once I had a kid and they weren’t joking. Now I find myself telling others with newborns to enjoy every minute because they grow way too quick. We are currently walking assisted and took our first steps yesterday! How is this possible?


  1. Brittani says:

    Loved the headboard tutorial!! How did he figure out the size of wood for the size of the bed and how did you adhere the foam if the spray adhesive didn’t work? Thank you!!!

    • We just measured our bed to figure out the length and then the height is totally personal. The foam stays in place because you tuft it. Hope that helps.

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