Only Child Expiring February 2017!

Only Child Expiring February 2017!

Well I’ve been pretty absent the past few month and I can explain. You see… we’ve been working on another BIG DIY project. We are expecting our second baby next year! February, to be exact! We could not be more excited. I also must mention that I started this post last month and I never quite finished it. Going to blame pregnancy brain for that one! For a while we said we were one and done and had a change of heart last year. It was after we had our annual family photos done that we just felt like something was missing. And I prayed and prayed about what we should do. Ultimately, I didn’t feel like we were complete, and just felt like we needed to try and see if God would give us another miracle.

Only Child Expiring February 2017!

I went the t-shirt announcement route this time, and of course made it myself using my Cricut. Because let’s face it–I’m obsessed with making custom t-shirts. And when you own a heat press–you make your own t-shirt. I had inspiration from my friend Pamela when she announced she was due with baby #2 back in 2012! Back then you didn’t see a lot of custom shirts and she was inundated with orders for readers. Sadly, a few big companies copied her designed and never gave her credit. But I’m here to give her credit because it was a genius idea! Although, I’ll admit I hadn’t looked at her shirt since she posted and love the way she abreviated the word “expiring” and the birth month!

Only Child Expiring February 2017!

I’m not really sharing a tutorial today–just more the news of our new little addition.

Only Child Expiring February 2017!

And in case your wondering… it’s a GIRL! Yes, a girl. When we found out the gender we were both in SHOCK although somehow Ryder knew the whole time because every time we asked him he said he wanted a sister. So get ready for some crazy girly projects in the near future. I’ve been pinning away on my secret  board for baby girl nursery inspirations. Also, let’s talk about how difficult it is to photograph a toddler who just wants to play with sidewalk chalk and has no interest and taking a photo or standing still for that matter.

Only Child Expiring February 2017!
Until then… we have a list the size of California of things to get done at our now not-so-new house (we’ve already been here a year)! I’m hoping to start sharing a project at least once a week. I have a few fun projects in the queue. Just need to muster up the energy to write and edit photos and I’ll share. If you want to read more about my pregnancy hop on over to my food blog where I shared the news last month!

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  1. Congratulations, another baby for you to love!

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