Ryder’s Newborn Photography Session

I had all intentions of sharing Ryder’s newborn photography session with our reader’s in May. And then May passed, and now June has officially passed and it’s July! So I figured its better late than never to share some of the cutest photo’s of an itty-bitty 8 day old baby boy. We used the same photographer, Christy Buonomo Photography, who did our Maternity and Fresh 48 photos for us. She does an amazing job and seriously has patience of a saint. Because I had a c-section I wasn’t really able to bend and move quickly. Jon was her assistant for the day and did a phenomenal job helping her with Ryder. I think it’s because of him that we got so many amazing photos. I had been pinning for month’s different newborn photos I wanted. In the end we could not get them all, but we got most of the shots and a good majority of the shots I REALLY wanted.

Newborn Photography Session

Our first few photo’s were taken in the nursery. I was feeding the baby, so Christy captured a few shots of us in action in our half-finished nursery.  I’m in love with our nursery photos. And love seeing how small Ryder was.

Pool Baby - Newborn Photography Session

This was my number 1 posed photo that I wanted and had to have. A few days before our shoot I had Jon going from drug store to drug store looking for a hemorrhoid donut to act as Ryder’s pool float. Yes, that little itty bitty baby is sitting on a 13-inch hemorrhoid donut! Who knew it could be used as a newborn photo prop!

whimsical baby animals - Newborn Photography SessionWe were digging the cuddly critters and because it was so close to Easter time we figured why not do a bunny and a fox. Ryder might hate us when he is older…

Fishing Baby - Newborn Photography Session

And to capture Jon’s love for fishing we just had to do a few fishing photos!  A dad and his son - Ryder's Newborn Photography SessionLove the details of these photos of Ryder with his proud papa!

momma's boy - Newborn Photography Session

Yes, you can look amazing 8 days postpartum! A mother’s love… what can I say.

Newborn Details - Newborn Photography Session

I love all the teeny tiny details.

Family - - Newborn Photography SessionAnd the last half hour was spent in our room. Ryder was up and fussing hence the paci in the mouth. Of course, we couldn’t leave our precious pooch, Lola, out of our family photos. She did such a good job posing for the camera!



  1. oh my gosh! I love all of these photos, but my favorite has to be the “pool float” hahahahah Ryder was so darn tiny!

    thank you for sharing these wonderful pics with us.


    • Thanks Gail! I know… the “pool float” one is definitely my favorite. I’m actually finally placing my order to get a few of them printed for our home… finally! And the pool float one is getting super enlarged to go in his nursery! See you next week… eeep!

  2. I love every one of these pictures! I wish we would have done some family pictures!

    • Awe thanks Jacque. At first Jon hemmed and hawed over spending money for all sorts of pictures. Now he realizes how quickly he has grown and is so happy we got pictures taken!

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