Elementary School Rocks FREE PNG Files

Make a customized Elementary School Rocks crayon/pencil box using my FREE PNG Files I created. Make this year the best year for your child at school! 

Cricut Customized Preschool Rocks Crayon Box

My son started preschool this week. I’ve had fun customizing and creating all sorts of fun back to school items for him. I’m so excited to share with you guys my most recent PNG file design. I took a plain pencil box and added this cute “preschool rocks” vinyl onto the pencil box. It turned that $1 pencil box looking like it was much more expensive.  To be honest, I had all the items on hand so it really didn’t cost me anything extra.

These cut files (I made them from preschool up to fifth grade) can be uploaded into Cricut Design Space (or you can use it for that “other” cutting machine (i.e., Silhouette)). I used my new Cricut Maker for this project! Eeeep! Can I just tell you it cut this file with perfect precision and not one tear or miss! I’ll show you how I created this cute pencil box in under 15 minutes time. I love easy craft projects that don’t take a long time at all to create!


Elementary School Rocks FREE PNG Cut Files

CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD the PNG files you need.

Please only use the designs for personal use. Selling is absolutely NOT PERMITTED.

DIY elementary school crayon box design

Let me show you how easy this is to make!

Cricut Maker Vinyl Supplies with pencil Box


Cricut Maker Cutting Vinyl

Once you’ve uploaded the design into Cricut Design Space (see my tutorial on how to upload a file in Cricut Design Space) it’s time to cut. Make sure you select vinyl and place the color vinyl face-side up (with the paper backing on the sticky part of the mat).

Weeding Vinyl on Cricut BrightPad

Next, you will remove all the negative vinyl from the design. Using a weeding tool–you will weed out all the small details. I find using the Cricut BrightPad makes this job so much easier!

preschool rocks vinyl design on Cricut BrightPad

After a few short minutes, my design was fully weeded out.

Squeegee transfer tape for Vinyl Design Next, apply transfer tape to the design. I use a squeegee to remove all the bubbles out and flatten the design on to the transfer tape.

Remove backing from the transfer tape

Next, carefully, remove the paper backing from the vinyl design.

Free Preschool Rocks Vinyl Design

This is how the vinyl design will look once it’s all weeded out!

Applying vinyl with squeegee

Next, carefully, place your vinyl transfer tape with design on the pencil box. Then squeegee out all the bubbles.

Removing clear transfer tape from vinyl

Carefully, begin to pull back the clear transfer tape.

Custom Elementary School Rocks Pencil Box

Here is what the final design will look like. If, you have a child in elementary school I’ve designed a file for each grade level. I hope your child has a successful year of learning and this fun statement pencil box will give them the extra motivation they need!

Elementary School Rocks FREE PNG Cut Files

Remember, CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD the PNG files you need.

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