You’re My Main Squeeze – Baby/Toddler Valentine

I’m sharing a free printable Valentine for the tots in your life that love to eat squeeze pouches! Print off the “You’re My Main Squeeze” Valentine card.

you're my main squeeze baby/toddler valentine

We are attending our first Valentine’s party tomorrow. It’s with the mother’s group that I go to every Thursday with Ryder. It’s called Mommy and Me Circle Time. It’s a free “music” class for all babies 0-18 months at a local church. You don’t have to be a member of the church (I’m not) to go either. I learned about it through my weekly baby boot camp class. A bunch of the girls go and invited me back when Ryder was just 3 months old. I’m so glad I went because it’s definitely a highlight of our week. We’ve had a bunch of holiday parties in the past with this group and we’ve grown quite a few friendships through it. I wanted to share the love with the babies and toddlers of our group. After we are done with Circle Time, Ryder almost always chows down on a pouch and then goes back to crawling through the tunnels and playing with balls and musical bells. I made a simple printable Valentine that you can download and share with your favorite baby or toddler who loves to eat the squeeze pouches! They might not be able to eat chocolate just yet but they still deserve a sweet treat–even if that sweet treat is a sweet potato pouch!


  • Free printable tag
  • Cardstock
  • Printer
  • Scissors/Paper Cutter
  • Sharpie
  • Hole Punch
  • Red and White Kitchen Twine
  • Baby Food Pouches

you're my main squeeze

You can download the full size file here. Make sure you write your baby’s name next to where the heart is!you're my main squeeze valentine

Here is one more version in case you like having the word “Valentine” on your Valentine! You can download the full size file here.

you're my main squeeze 1

Once you’ve printed out the tags (3 to a sheet) you’ll want to cut them. you're my main squeeze 2Next up, sign the tags with your baby’s name!
you're my main squeeze 3

Cut the're my main squeeze 4

Punch holes in the tags. you're my main squeeze 5

String the twine through the hole and tie the tag loosely around the top of the pouch. you're my main squeeze 7

Then repeat… you're my main squeeze 8

This is what my work space looked like while I was working on my little Valentine project. you're my main squeeze 9
There you have it… they are all done and ready to be passed out!
you're my main squeeze 11

you're my main squeeze 12

you're my main squeeze 14

you're my main squeeze 15

I hope this helps complete your Valentine’s day with the littles ones in your life!


  1. What an awesome idea! Maxwell loves those things! Well, assuming he gets to squeeze it himself, ha!

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