25 DIY Couples Costumes for Halloween

25 DIY Couples Costumes for Halloween

Last year, Mr. Woodsy and I were mad scientist and our dog, Lola, was a lab rat.

Our idea came together quickly (and easily) and we were one big happy family! But since we traveled during the first half of October our creative minds aren’t thinking like they normally do during this time of year. With less than a week and a half until Halloween time is quickly running out! I’ve started doing extensive searches on what to be for Halloween this year and all the ideas I’ve proposed to Mr. Woodsy have been vetoed. I prefer to be a couple or a pair of some sorts.

I figured I would help out the rest of the world who is still searching for the perfect couples Halloween costume! In no particular order here are some of my favorites:

  1. Alice & the little white rabbit
  2. Olive Oyl & Popeye
  3. Fred & Wilma Flintstone
  4. Yip-Yips
  5. Bob Ross & Happy Little Tree
  6. Mary Poppins & Bert 
  7. Mr. Fox and Mrs. Fox
  8. Price Is Right Couples Costume
  9. Tooth & Tooth Fairy
  10. House & boy from UP! 
  11. Colonel Sanders and his favorite chicken
  12. American Gothic
  13. Smurfs Couple Costume
  14. Jose Cuervo and Margarita 
  15. Oompa Loompas
  16. Beetlejuice and Lydia
  17. Shrek & Fiona
  18. Wayne & Garth from Wayne’s World
  19. Heat Miser & Snow Miser
  20. Lego Bride & Groom
  21. Mona Lisa and Leonardo Da Vinci 
  22. Castaway Couple
  23. Publishers Clearing House 
  24. Toucan Sam and Cap’n Crunch
  25. Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head

If you are struggling like us to find ideas for couples Halloween costumes I hope we were able to give you a few ideas! Remember, its not too late to get DIYing!


  1. Great ideas!

  2. Lots of great ideas! My biggest obstacle is getting my husband to dress up!

  3. Hey, Katie! Just thought I’d let you know your post inspired me to create me own round-up, but of “Punny” Halloween costumes. (We were black-eyed-peas for Halloween with literal black eyes and Ps on our t-shirts…so simple, yet so punny.) Your Lego costumes are out-of-this-world-amazing. Can’t wait to see the tutorial next year.

    The Thinking Closet

  4. Thanks for including Fred and Wilma 🙂 Andy LOVED being Fred, ha! 🙂


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