DIY Easter Bunny Onesie with Name

DIY Easter Bunny Onesie with Name

Two weeks ago, in the midst of first birthday craziness I decided I needed to make Ryder an Easter onesie. Not want… but a need. This was the first time I had cut fabric using my new Cricut Explore. I have cut fabric for years now on past Cricut machines, but I was always having to battle with figuring out the perfect number settings. Well, not any more my friends. If you cut fabric often on your Cricut and still haven’t upgraded your machine this is the time. The Cricut Explore cuts fabric with ease and takes all the guess work out! I made this shirt in just 15 minutes! And it would have been even quicker had I not agonized over which font to use!


Easter Bunny Onesie using Cricut Explore

I designed the onesie usingCricut Design Space™. I found the bunny from the Teresa Collins Bunnies and Chicks Digital cartridge. I used Birthday Bash font for his name. I selected two different colors on the Design Space interface so that the machine new I wanted to cut two different colors.

heat n bond with fabric

Next up, cut the fabric and heat-n-bond and iron it together. You will want to iron on the sticky side to the back of the fabric for just a few seconds. Once it’s adhered on the fabric it will pull of easy. NO STEAM!!!

Cutting Fabric with Cricut Explore

Then place the sticky side down on a standard strength grip mat. Set the dial to “fabric” and press “cut”.

DIY Easter Bunny Onesie with Name 1

Next, remove the cut out and place it on the shirt.

DIY Easter Bunny Onesie with Name 2

Set your iron to high heat and begin to carefully iron on the fabric bunny.

DIY Easter Bunny Onesie with Name 3

Repeat and do the same with the name, by cutting it on fabric that has been backed with heat-n-bond, and then iron it on.

DIY Easter Bunny Onesie with Name 4

This is what my onesie looked like once the bunny and name were ironed on. I added the pom-pom just to see what it would look like. Not pictured: I simply placed a dot of hot glue on the end of the bunny tale then stuck the pom-pom to the shirt. I’ve washed and dried this shirt already once and it stayed on without any issues.

DIY Easter Bunny Onesie with Name

My cute little model… modeling his new DIY Easter Bunny Onesie with his name on it! DIY Easter Bunny Onesie with Name

Taking pictures of him these days are almost impossible! DIY Easter Bunny Onesie with Name

It took him almost 15 minutes before he even noticed the pom-pom attached to his shirt and even then he really didn’t play with it!

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  1. Question – have you had any issues with your fabric snagging? I feel like I’ve tried to use all different types of blades and both the regular and deep cut houses and I just keep getting snags in the fabric….any suggestions?? Thanks!!

    • Sometimes I will have an issue with fabric with snags, I find that solid printed cotton fabrics don’t snag as much as the fabrics with designs. Wish I had tips for you!

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