Master Bedroom Refresh – Spring 2015

I'm so excited to share a little refresh we recently did to our master bedroom. Our bedding is a few years old now and thanks to our adorable dog she had ripped parts of our comforter. She's tiny and likes to "fluff" before she lays down... resulting in her tearing it with her razor sharp teeth! So we knew it was time to retire our old comforter set and come up with a new look. At the same time we decided this my friends at Martha Stewart Living contacted me and asked me if I would like to try … [Read more...]

Paint Less–Tape More + $75 Home Depot Gift Card

This post was brought to you in partnership with The Home Depot and ScotchBlue™ Painter's Tape. Last year we made our master bedroom into a master suite--a place to really unwind and enjoy! If you remember we had a blue accent wall in our room. At first I liked it. I can honestly say I never loved the blue accent wall. But over the past year I've decided that the accent wall has to go. It took a lot of convincing to get Jon to repaint over that wall. Back when we were painting the room we … [Read more...]

How we broke our upholstered tufted headboard…

We are getting extra personal this week on Sew Woodsy. When I first told my friend Sarah from While They Snooze via text message her response was "what the heck is going on in your bedroom"? noooo... not like that. This is the story of how we broke our upholstered tufted headboard... Monday night we decided to remove our upholstered tufted headboard from the wall. You see, we are having some major issues with tics. Our sweet little dog Lola has them. I think it all started back in November … [Read more...]

Master Bedroom Reveal & Video Tour

I'm excited to finally give a complete tour of our recently completed Master Bedroom Revamp Project! It has been a long time coming. I'm so glad it is finally complete--partly because I'm ready to start on another project! I recorded a video yesterday giving our readers the grand tour--and if you watch until the end I promise you'll learn about an exciting giveaway coming in the next few days! First up, our Upholstered Tufted Bench. It all started with my philisophical question I asked … [Read more...]

Wood Vinyl Sign

  I'm so excited to finally reveal the sign I've been working on for our master bedroom. I've had this "phrase" in my head for a long time and I knew eventually I would make it into a sign. It is even more appropriate since this sign is for our bedroom. Mr. Woodsy and I walked into our wedding reception to Ziggy Marley's "Love is my Religion". We love the song and we love reggae music in general. So the phrase "Love is our Religion" is very appropriate for us! I've recently partnered up with My … [Read more...]

Sunburst Pillow

Over a year ago, right when Pinterest first started, I found this Sunburst Pillow, and was inspired to make my own... one day! Back before Pinterest I would create a new blog post and save the link in the blog post. I know... that's a bit crazy, so you can only imagine how many "draft" blog post I have sitting waiting for me to one day create the item! It's my goal... one day they will all be completed! Earlier this year (like New Years day early) when we were smack dab in the middle of … [Read more...]

DIY Trumeau Floor Mirror made from PureBond® Hardwood Plywood

Ever since we talked about revamping our master bedroom I dreamed of adding a floor-to-ceiling mirror in our room. I quickly woke up when I saw how expensive they were. In fact--all mirrors are simply expensive (in my opinion). Last spring, I found a tutorial from Blue Roof Cabin on making a trumeau mirror. I instantly fell in love and knew that I wanted a version of my own in my bedroom! I pinned the photo for a rainy day (yes, that's when Pinterest just started). Fast forward over a year later … [Read more...]

{Bedroom Accessory} Spray Painted Picture Frame

A few months ago I found this amazing frame at Ross for $4.99. I knew the color wouldn't work but the style and shape was exactly what I was looking for. I knew a little spray paint could transform it exactly how I wanted it. Supplies: Picture Frame Spray Paint Drop Cloth Remove the glass and backing from the picture frame. Place the picture frame on a drop cloth away from anything that could be damaged. Begin spray painting your frame. I chose to do a light spray over the … [Read more...]

{Part 3} Painting, Staining, and Waxing the Dressers + Reveal

The day has finally arrived. Not only are our dressers finished and moved into our room, but we can show our readers the finished product! I feel like this dresser painting project has taken forever. I think it partly took forever becuase we just didn't know what direction we wanted to go with it. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have went into these two dressers. Well, maybe not the blood part, but tons of sweat (in our hot Florida non-airconditioned garage) and maybe a few tears of frustration … [Read more...]

{Modifying} Classic Wood Center Mount Drawer Slides

  Have you ever bought something and then needed to modify them to even work? That's what happened to us when we bought Classic Wood Center Mount Drawer Slides for our dressers. Yesterday, I wrote about How to Make a Zero Clearance Table Saw Guard--the main purpose for Mr. Woodsy making that was because he needed to modify the Classic Wood Center Mount Drawer Slides we ordered from Rockler. Not only were the drawer slides too long, but they didn't fit in flush with how the drawers were … [Read more...]